Repair & Restore 
Vulnerable Lives

A handful of hours of your work can

save lives and keep 

families together! 

Psych evals are often critical
in successful a
sylum cases

Pro bono **  Low  Fee  **   to $250/hr
  • Fee is reduced for clinicians working at non-profit agencies. Join our nation-wide community.
  • This course alone + my free monthly consults & SAMPLE REPORTS has many clinicians immediately working
  • 5 hour course taken at your convenience- 5 CEU's
  • Referrals & Free Monthly Online Mentoring Support & Free Shared Resource Dropbox

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Cost of Course

Why take this course from Marc Sadoff, LCSW

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Marc Sadoff, LCSW, Instructor
  • Trained over 200 clinicians. Many with no prior experience began working quickly after the training
  • Conducted 135 Psychological Evaluations since my 4 years with the Program for Torture Victims in 1998
  • Accepted 65 out of 65 times testifying in Immigration Court as expert in traumatic stress
  • Conducted a 1/2 day training of Southern California Asylum Officers with colleagues from
  • Acknowledged as having contributed to a book edited by the Physicians for Human Rights called "A Health Professional’s Guide To Medical And Psychological Evaluations Of Torture" published in 2001.
  • My mission is to expand the pool of clinicians able to to do pro bono evaluations to help those who need and cannot afford to pay-------- AND TO PROVIDE LOW COST training to clinicians
  • FREE AT NO CHARGE- Ongoing Monthly Support & Mentoring
  • Free Evaluation Resources Shared Dropbox Folder Membership

What's in the course

  • Over 50 megabytes of evaluation resources: sample evaluations, links, tests, research, shared dropbox membership and more!
  • Getting referrals and working with the needs of the lawyer and client
  • The role and attitude of the evaluator
  • Preparation, forms, consults & reading prior to seeing client
  • Working with different languages & translators
  • Interviewing to elicit & develop data
  • Meeting the diagnostic requirements & mindfulness of credibility & malingering
  • Common client stories, symptoms & behaviors to look for
  • Evaluation or treatment?  Ethical issues in your evaluation
  • Human & Sex Trafficking Visa cases, Hardship cases, Asylum, Torture & VAWA (Violence against Women) cases are described
  • Assembling the report- Technical tips for efficiently writing the report.
  • While testifying is more and more rare currently, the course covers typical procedures and helps diminish common anxieties of testifying
  • Setting fees and policies for your practice

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